White Papers
Financial Risk Forecast Model (FRFM)
Lenders need a sound yet agile means to navigate the changing economic environment by testing the soundness of their business through balance sheet management practices (risk appetite, ICAAP & ILAAP).
We have developed an integrated financial risk forecasting model (FRFM) service offering that combines our client’s financial and risk data to deliver a ready-to-use solution for managing and optimising the performance of their businesses which can be done under any macro-economic or strategic scenario/environment.
The Importance of Business Insight
The ability to analyse a business problem and find a suitable solution is an age old challenge that has occupied the greatest minds.
Whether it is SAS or SSAS, Tableau or Power BI, of even just Excel, we have the skills to design and develop solutions that provide answers to simple and complex business problems using a high-order problem solving techniques.
Modern Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence
Many organisations have made investments in data warehouses that are in need of renewal in the face to changing competitive environments while keeping up with latest technological changes
A modern data warehouse offers a hybrid technological solution aimed at providing a wholesale return on investment in data for the enterprise by keeping to time tested principles and adopting new approaches.
Agile Project Management and Data DevOps
Many data-led projects and initiatives get stuck in the drawing board stage as business are unable to put an analytics idea into productive use.
The modern best-practice for delivering data solutions is to use agile project management principles and agile development operations known as DevOps. Business stakeholders can start seeing a return on investment once everyone gets the ‘game-plan’ and works toward a common goal as a single unit.
Master Data Management
Data quality is a massive concern for many organisation. Incomplete, disparate and duplicate records can become the bane of any analytical undertaking.
Master data management (MDM) solutions reconcile and manage “golden records” in an organisation such that they can act as a trusted reference for business and data analytics users. Eventually this step while need to be taken as the organisation’s demand for data matures.
Case Studies
Three regulatory stress testing exercises, simultaneously…
Financial and Risk Forecasting and Optimisation
As a subsidiary of the global financial banking institution, South African and other African banking institutions are often subjected to multiple compulsory stress testing exercises, with onerous timelines. One of South Africa’s largest banks were subjected to such exercises, more than once…
The only way for these exercises to be completed successfully with a high standard of accuracy, is to have integrated financial risk forecasting models and tools, that feed of the central financial and risk systems. The produced detailed results sets are also subjected to sophisticated data templates that differ for each regulator, and therefore needs to be automatically transformed to populate the separate sets of templates at the same high standard of accuracy.
Ilion specialise in the development of there integrated financial risk data and forecasting tools/models that effectively address these challenges…
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National Bank of Malawi
Financial and Risk Forecasting and Optimisation
Banks across Africa are upgrading their financial risk capability, moving from Basel I to Basel II and beyond. Facing pressure from their respective regulators, they are making the most of adhering to regulatory guidance and requirements. The National Bank of Malawi is using this opportunity to not only build a sophisticated stress testing capability, but also financial risk forecasting, capital management, and strategic financial risk planning.
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Pan African Bank Case Study
Data Management
Ilion was involved in a multi-year cross-border data warehouse project for a pan-African bank in 2018-2019 that made use of data warehousing and business intelligence methodologies and approaches. The bank has operations in South Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Mozambique, Tanzania, Mauritius and the Seychelles. The project scope covered retail, business and corporate bank business units. The product included where current, savings, loans, mortgages, forex, credit cards and term deposits products.
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