Ilion partners with BBD
Partner News
Founded in 2018, Ilion integrates data with financial risk-adjusted performance, to deliver solutions that optimise the sustainable performance of clients. Its offerings include financial and risk analysis, data management and advanced data analytics, the enablement of financial risk forecasting, balance sheet management and the optimisation of financial risk strategy.
BBD CEO Peter Searle shares how BBD’s origins as a specialist software development business has ensured that data design and analysis capabilities have always been a fundamental part of their skillset. “Partnering with Ilion will enables us to create a specialised group, incorporating specialised data science and financial risk competencies, to enable BBD to provide further value to our clients.”
This partnership will offer Ilion the opportunity to transform its models and other intellectual property into executable secure applications, which can be implemented in production with clients. Beyers Rossouw, Ilion director, explains: “BBD will provide Ilion with the opportunity to transform its models and other intellectual property into executable and secure applications that can be implemented in production with clients.”
According to Rossouw, Ilion’s ability to surface financial insights based on data analysis is a key differentiator for the business. “We have the ability to integrate our offerings into live solutions that will enable in-time strategic decision-making.”
With companies plagued by uncertainty and rising risk levels making it challenging to determine the future, having access to data insights to drive profits is key. “The variables that can impact success or failure are numerous and no longer as easy to predict. Strategy has to align to the new fluid nature of the environments that organisations operate in, while being flexible enough to change and adapt,” says Rossouw.
Searle concludes by reiterating how the group’s accelerated partnerships over the last two years has enabled BBD to leverage its footprint and extend its expertise, to offer its clients world-class technology solutions.