Our primary objective is to help implement a financial data-driven strategy for our clients.
Our Approach
We make use of a 3-step approach for financial risk optimisation
Understand the "Business Question" that Needs Answering
  • Start by framing the analytics problem(s) that needs solving
  • Zero in on the top priority areas through cost-benefit analysis
  • Identify relevant risks and statistically significant relationships relevant to the problem
  • Source all the relevant financial, risk and operational data
  • Consult with the client on the most appropriate solution
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Develop an integrated Financial Risk Data-Driven Model
  • Perform an exploratory data analysis on available data
  • Implement statistical / machine learning models that identify patterns, forecast financial and risk measures
  • Wherever possible, integrate the output models to the balance sheet and income statement
  • Implement data validation and reconciliation functionality
  • Train and back-test the models
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Deploy the Model to Production
  • Develop sustainable solution that allows our clients to view and re-run the model results
  • Create appropriate and functional user interfaces where appropriate to drive the models
  • Lock down the model and perform user acceptance testing
  • Prepare model documentation for validation purposes
  • Either implement model in the client’s IT environment or in the cloud
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Key Deliverables
  • Balance Sheet and Income Statement Optimisation Models
  • Dashboards and Line-of-Business Reporting Solutions
  • Statistical and Machine Learning Models
  • Data Warehouse Development or Renewal