Ilion targets critical business problems using finance-based data analytics to deliver risk-adjusted returns.
Analytics and
Our service offering is technology neutral and we seek to find the best solution to our clients needs.
Our Service offerings:
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Data Analytics and Visualization
  • Data Management
Financial Risk
Our financial risk service offering centers around quantifying and managing risk through data-enabled solutions. We model the balance sheet, income statement and asset and liabilities that allows for the forecasting of financial performance on a risk-adjusted returns basis. We assist in finding optimal portfolio compositions, stress-testing a business through periods of crisis and supporting regulatory reporting requirements.
Data Analytics and Visualisation
Our data analytics and visualization service offering addresses the need to provide descriptive, predictive and prescriptive insights to key business questions. This covers the area of business performance reporting, machine learning and the use of advanced visualization techniques. We adopt an technology-agnostic approach and provide solutions that fit the current and future analytical needs of our clients.
Data Management
Our data management service offering helps our clients manage the data required for delivering financial risk management information solutions. Our team of data engineers supports our clients with their current and future infrastructure needs. We are able to support with data warehouse development, cloud deployments, the use of big-data technologies, master data management and automation.